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Serve Team Sign Ups

July 29th - April 22nd, 2019

We believe that the church is the family of God. This means that everyone is gifted and responsible for different aspects of seeing the church thrive. Restored is not a church that thrives by just a few talented people. We would love for everyone who calls Restored their home to serve because we are a people who have been truly served by Jesus through His life, death, and resurrection. While we are called to serve in every area of life, we would be grateful if you could serve on a Sunday Serve Team!

Baby dedications sept 2018 rsvp

Baby Dedications

September 23rd, 2018

As a church, we love the kids Jesus has given to us! Baby dedications are an opportunity for parents to thank Jesus for their child and to publicly pledge that they will raise their child in a Jesus-centered home. It is a celebration where parents acknowledge they cannot raise their child completely on their own, but need the church family to help love and disciple their kid.